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Betting with Bitcoin

When someone starts with bitcoin sportsbetting, he usually starts with popular sports filled with superstars like football, basketball or soccer. But, rarely anyone considers starting with tennis, the king of sports. Still popular, but less with bitcoin bettors, tennis manages to get significant slice of the pie at online sportsbooks. In fact, Daily Mail found out that tennis is second in popularity to soccer when it comes to sports betting.

Why Bet on Tennis With Bitcoins?

Wagering with regular currency instead of bitcoins has a few disadvantages that you might not be aware of: fees and slow payouts. These we consider the most important factors when it comes to online sportsbetting.
How do you feel when a sportsbook charges your $10 for a $100 payout? Unfair, that’s right. Well, when withdrawing bitcoins from a bitcoin sportsbetting website you are not charged at all, and your bitcoins go straight to your bitcoin wallet. It’s simple as that!
And what about having to wait for days sometimes to get your money? Well, get this. The average bitcoin sportsbook pays out its winners in a matter of minutes. This is not rocket science, it’s how bitcoins work. Fast and easy.

What Tennis Events Are Available for Bitcoin Sportsbetting?

Pretty much every bitcoin betting site out there offers at least four Grand Slams such as US Open, ATP Masters, Wimbledon, Australian Open and sometimes French Open. These are the main tournaments that you will find. Rarely any of the sites go deeper than that, so bitcoin bettors that want more are left hanging.
But, even with the big Grand Slams you are still covered. You will have the chance to wager some of your bitcoins on your favorite tennis players, which makes watching the match even more interesting.

Tips for Bitcoin Tennis Bettors

When it comes to tennis betting with bitcoins, there are three important factors to consider. These will determine how you should bet on a tennis match. The first factor is the world ranking for tennis players. Every professional tennis player is ranked on the world rankings leaderboard and it’s important to know his position. This will indicate for the most part if the player is a favorite or underdog.
The world ranking is updated based on the player’s performance over a period of 12 months. But, even though it’s regularly updated, sometimes it can be misleading. For example, a player’s injury can mess up his results, but he can still be high on the leaderboard.
The second most important factor is the surface on which the tennis match is to be played. Why is this important? Because some players perform better on particular surface, which is not the case with the superstars like Roger Federer, who is a great all-court player.
And, the third factor is the player’s form. This will indicate best if you should bet on a particular player. If his recent performances have been below par, avoid betting on him. Combine all the factors, and you get a winning formula for bitcoin tennis betting.