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Tennis Betting tips

So you are a tennis fan and into sports betting as well? If so, you have come to the right place. Our website aims at giving you in-depth information about:

  • current tennis events you can place bets on
  • reviews of the best sportsbook site for tennis bets
  • tips and picks for upcoming tennis matches
  • and, especially important: tips for in-game betting during tennis matches

The webmaster is a former tennis professional with decades of experience in coaching. His speciality is game analysis as well as finding strengths and weaknesses of a specific player. He uses his experience of many years advising players on match strategy and watching for behavioral changes of players during a game to give sports bettors an edge against the "house", e.g. the sportsbook site.

His tennis betting tips will help you as a sports bettor to find profitable spots to bet on certain events during a match, for example in predicting who will be the next player to lose his service game. Or, imagine being able to tell that a match is about to turn around - you could bet on a player who seems to be the big underdog at the moment, when the odds for him to make a comeback are great.

Reviews of tennis betting websites

Of course it is important which sportsbook website you use to place your tennis bet. The site should have great odds, be easy to navigate, offer an excellent bonus for your first deposit as well as great promotions for existing customers. Comfortable and secure deposit and withdrawal options are important too, and so is excellent and competent customer service.

And here is the most crucial element: What kind of bets do they offer for tennis? We have checked many betting websites, and only very few are really good as far as tennis betting is concerned. If you really want to make the most of your existing knowledge about the sport, and take maximum advantage of the tennis tips you get here on our website, then there is one website especially that we can recommend. 

In our opinion, there is no better place than Bet365. A World-class site for all kinds of gambling, like online casino, real money slots, online poker, even online bingo, it is their sportsbook section that stands out with great odds and a wide variety of sports you can bet on. Read the review for Bet365 here, or click here to go directly to their website. 
New customers get a 100% bonus on their first deposit (up to 100€), so if you deposit 100€, you get another 100€ for free! In order to get that bonus, you must use bonus code COACH when signing up.

Most important for you: At Bet365, they have by far the best in-game betting program for tennis. You can win money by predicting not only who will win the next game, or, set, or the match. You can bet on how many games will the current (or next) set have, pick the result of the next three games, and many more options and spots where you can place a profitable bet. This is the site where you can put our tennis betting tips to use and reach the best results!

Watch any game - live streams at Bet365

Once you have an account with Bet365 and you have at least a minimal amount of money in the account, you can watch a live stream of any game - right inside your browser screen where you can place your bets! 

This is something you find only at Bet365, and this is the kind of bet where most money can be made - if you know what to look out for, and which factors have to be considered before making such a tennis bet. Be sure to read the articles on our website, they will help you to get a good "read" of an ongoing tennis match.

Alternative tennis betting sites if you are based in the US

Bet365 does not take bets from US residents, but I have found Intertops to be an excellent alternative. With in-game betting almost as good as Bet365, and a wide choice of tennis betting in general, they would be my favorite sportsbook in the US market. Check them out here.

Betting tennis match winners and outright tournament winners

Whether it is the Mens ATP circuit, the Ladies WTA event, the Davis Cup or the Fed Cup: We will look at all the main events of those circuits, check their draws, and pick likely winners with good odds for you. There is not much of a point in betting on Novak Djokovic to win a match where you make $2 with a $100 bet. But by placing a bet with great odds on an underdog in a first round tennis match, when said underdog has shown excellent form in previous tournaments - that's where the money is.

Picking an outright winner in a tennis tournament is the most difficult task of them all. So many things can happen - a top player may suffer an injury or have a bad day, for example. And even the #1 ranked tennis player in the World is not guaranteed to win each tournament he participates in. Our tennis betting tips will help you avoiding expensive bets with little gain, and make you money long-term.